Accessorizing With Baby

I finally finished my silk baby sling yesterday in time to wear it to the potluck. My first choice of activity for yesterday was painting the shelves in the pantry, but I was thwarted when I discovered that I didn't have either enough latex enamel or even semi-gloss to do the job, and Blue Ridge Builders' Supply is of course closed on Sundays. Rather than wait until Tuesday to buy paint which would put off the job of actually stocking the pantry until Wednesday at the earliest, I decided to just put off painting the shelves until some point in the future. Could be months, could be years, who knows. But I MUST get the piles of stuff out of the middle of my kitchen floor since I've really lost patience with just walking around it.

Naturally, I was despondent that my newly-designed pantry would look half-assed because I didn't check earlier in the week to see if I had the right paint to finish the job. Had I known, I could have picked some up when I was at the grocery store, since the paint store is next door.

But after a few minutes of desolately staring at the ceiling, I realized that if I finished my sling I would be cheered up. So I asked Terry to watch the baby so I could do that.

First I measured and folded the ring end into an overlapping accordian fold, pressed it, and stitched it around the rings. Then I simultaneously attached the contrasting trim fabric to the bottom of the other edge of the sling fabric, and hemmed the sling. I decided to use all machine-stitching instead of hand-stitching some of the hem so it would be more durable. I would rather sacrifice a little bit of an expert finish to gain durability and ensure I won't have to be making repairs each season.

I picked an outfit to wear to the party yesterday, and accessorized with a chunky necklace and bracelet. But when I asked Terry to help me put William into the sling, he balked since he rightly pointed out that William could hurt himself on the sharp edges of my necklace, since his head goes right there. So I took off my necklace, and realized that although it's called "baby-wearing", when you carry the baby in a sling it's more like "baby-accessorizing" since you are actually wearing other clothes, but the baby in the sling limits the other accessories you can wear, so the baby becomes your accessory.

All the more reason I am pleased to have such a good-looking sling (and a good-looking baby). Another benefit to accessorizing with baby-- everyone yesterday was telling me how good I looked, and I realized that William was hiding all my baby fat! Since I'm no longer retaining water like I was at the end of my pregnancy (making me look horribly puffy and fat all over), I'm back to a normal size except through my torso, which is relatively enormous from my hips through breasts. Which is precisely the part covered by the baby sling! So the parts of me that show are back to normal size, and all my fat is hidden under the baby. Brilliant. I will remember this, and even after William can hold his head up I'll not wear him on my back until after I've lost the baby weight.

I took a picture of the finished sling today. I'm not wearing a cute outfit like I did yesterday (that not coincidentally coordinated with the sling very well), and looking generally ratty, but so be it. I can't be bothered freshening up just for a blog photo. If we go to a cookout later (it's raining, so I don't know if it's still on) then I'll replace this photo with a better one, but until then, here it is, my finished baby sling. 100% silk created for significantly less than the retail going-rate in NYC (I don't even know if I could buy a silk sling in Cville, but if I could, it would probably cost at least as much as they do in NYC).