Lewd Diaper

I ran a bunch of errands with William today (I still haven't pumped enough dairy-free milk to leave him with Terry to bottle-feed). My second stop was to the Salvation Army on Cherry Ave. I wanted to pick up a used bouncy seat so I could cut out the bottom to convert it into a sort of baby-toilet-lounger contraption to help the EC, but there were absolutely no baby items at all in the shop. But rather than leave empty-handed, I asked if they had any T-shirts they wouldn't be able to sell so I could use them to make diapers. It turns out they did have some, and sold me a bag for $3.

It was obvious why one of the T-shirts wouldn't go on the racks-- it's rather lewd. It's a cartoon of a goofy Roman dude (titled "Er Mejo" which means "The Best" in Italian) surrounded by lascivious cartoon women in various states of undress (although no full nudity. . .). Of course, in my desire to flaunt an ironic hipster baby, that was the first one I stitched up into a diaper. Actually, it's pretty discreet since we use a diaper cover when we're out in public, so Terry and I are the only ones who will see the diaper in use. It's for our private amusement. As far as the public is concerned, our little darling's butt might as well be decorated with puppy dogs and butterflies.

I altered the pattern just a bit to better accommodate the fact that I'm making the diapers on a regular sewing machine instead of a serger. For this diaper, I just increased the length on the front side since I have to hem that edge. I also tried using new elastic instead of the reclaimed elastic from Terry's waistband (which didn't seem to make a difference) and I used a 3-point zigzag on the elastic instead of the 2-point zigzag (which did make a difference). I tried making a faux casing for the elastic by topstitching inside where the elastic was on the legs. It looks better than my first diaper, but it makes it too narrow to get my hand all the way to the back so it's difficult to insert the liner (the folded birdseye diaper).

The finished diaper is still a little loose around the legs unless I pull the sides very tightly closed. But now that I've worked out the elastic issues, I conclude this is because Will's legs are skinny. So I'll change the pattern again for the next diaper to try to adjust both for this and to make it easier to stuff. And I'll go back to the recycled elastic, there's still enough left for another few diapers.