Knitting Needles & Changing Table Ordered

Today was an online-shopping day. It was going to be a regular-shopping day since I wanted to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel and Terry said we needed to pick up a few items in Waynesboro if we were going to do that. But then he reconsidered and figured it would be too crowded to shop on a Saturday, and in his words, "We'll have our way with Waynesboro if we go on Monday." OK.

One of the items Terry wanted to get was a changing table. I wanted him to build one to fit the space in our bathroom next to the soaking tub to test his carpentry skills. And he wanted something custom that would be easy to use for EC, a sort of raised-up potty-lounger, if you can imagine that. But his fatigue with diapering on the floor outstripped his desire for the perfect EC solution, and he said he'd be happy with any old changing table.

I didn't know if we could find one at the Target or WalMart or another furniture store in Waynesboro, so I looked online. Both box stores indicated on their websites that none of the changing tables were available in stores, and the furniture store sites I found for Waynesboro had children's furniture, but not baby furniture. So I found a changing table at that will fit the corner of our bathroom. I decided to just have it shipped here after reading a few complaints about their site-to-store shipping option (the main complaint being that store employees don't know how this option works, and they can't find your item when it shows up at the store, or they don't realize it's an order and lose it or put it out on the floor or something).

The other item we need in Waynesboro is some weather-stripping that Lowe's doesn't carry. We're not sure if Home Depot will have it, either, but we'll check since the current weather-stripping around our windows here is 10-years-old and all dry-rotted and pulling away from the window frames. It makes our house look like we're living in some double-decker trailer. Especially since all we've got by way of landscaping are a few pathetic little pansies by our front walk, the grass in half the yard is over 6" high (Terry finished part of the yard the other day, but abandoned the job due to rain), and we've got rolls of carpet and padding in the grass next to the front door. It's the sort of thing I'll have to remind Terry to haul to some less-visible part of the property before his mother comes to visit.

Then I did a little shopping for myself. I've been thinking about knitting for a long time now, and have determined that one of the main barriers to me actually starting a project is that I have only two pairs of straight knitting-needles, and whatever patterns I find are not in one of those sizes, or I need more than one size to knit the pattern. So I did a little online reading to discover that there are kits that include needles of many sizes.

I also discovered circular needles when I saw a friend use them-- she explained that you don't have to use them for "circular" patterns, that you can use the same patterns as for straight needles. But you don't have to hold all your stitches on the needles since they slide onto a cable, and are also less likely to fall off that way (a problem I had a lot while knitting my scarf-- when I would put it down, sometimes the needle holding all my stitches would slip out of the yarn ball when it was in its storage bag, and I'd have a hard time getting my stitches back on the needle). This is not particularly new knitting technology, but I hadn't known about it.

So I decided that I need a circular needle set. I asked a friend who is an expert knitter for advice, and she pointed me to a set made from bamboo. They should hold my stitches better, so I won't lose as many from sliding off the needle by accident while I'm working, and the cables come in various sizes so they'll be long enough to comfortably hold all the stitches for any project I might want to tackle. Today I ordered that bamboo set, and went ahead and ordered a kit to make a baby hoodie with stripes colored Toffee, Wasabi, and Stone. Although the pattern says it's best for an "advanced" beginner, I'll risk it since one of my neighbors is also an expert knitter and she recently retired and said she'd be happy to help me with any project I bring over there. And I'll get the yarn in June, so even if I knit very slowly, I imagine I'll finish by sometime in the fall when W can wear the sweater. If I didn't get a pattern or yarn at the same time I got the needles, that would just be another barrier to overcome and I'd likely just have the needles sitting in my craft closet for a year or two before I got around to actually knitting something. Earlier in the week I listened to a podcast about knitting baby clothes and things, and was encouraged that everything baby is pretty good for beginning knitters, since fit is never too much of an issue-- the babies don't complain and even if the garment isn't knit perfectly, just because it is worn by a baby it will still look cute. Unlike a misfitting-badly-knit sweater on a grown woman. Plus the clothes are small, so they don't take forever to knit. So I am optimistic about knitting now. I really shouldn't have taken four years to knit that scarf, I think that spoiled my attitude toward knitting unnecessarily.

If I have a chance to go to a LYS (= local yarn shop, this took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out while reading forums about knitting) before my needles and kit arrive, I think I'll get some yarn and a pattern for baby booties. That will be even quicker than a sweater, offer a little instant-gratification for me. But I'm not counting on having a chance to visit a specialty shop. Hmm, unless there's one in Waynesboro. There must be, don't you think? I'll look into it.