Earliest Walk Ever

William finished his early-morning feed around 5:30am today (it could have been anywhere from 3:45am to 6:30am, depending upon how well he slept overnight). Terry, William, and I were all awake, and the sun was just coming up, so I suggested we take our morning walk, rather than waiting until after his next feed which would have been around 8:30am.

Terry said he was too tired, despite the fact he went to bed the same time I did last night and was only up once overnight to change a diaper (after I was up to feed William), so we both got the same amount of sleep. We fell asleep at 10pm, so I really wasn't that tired at 5:30am. Yesterday I waited until around 8:45am to go on a walk, and Terry didn't go with us then, either, so I figured there was no point waiting for him today. It was surprisingly warm and humid yesterday, even leaving before 9am, so I was motivated to try an earlier time since I was up anyway. I was able to push the stroller all by myself, even uphill on gravel, it just takes me a while since I have to go slowly.

William and I were out the door by 5:45am, and the sun was already over the horizon. But there was no humidity and the temperature was downright cool for summer. An added bonus was that the angle of the light made everything more attractive than it is at midday. It's a totally different feel than walking around sunset (which I also like, but Terry has ruled out lest it "overstimulate" William. . .). A lot more wildlife is out in the morning than later in the day, and there wasn't any traffic to speak of. One minivan passed me, and I presume they were lost since they passed me going one way, then a minute later they had turned around and went passed me in the other direction.

Summer is the last season I needed to complete the seasonal slideshow of my three-mile walk, so I took some photos. I'm not sure if I'll be up for walking this early tomorrow, since it's already after 10:30pm and I'm still awake. But I'll definitely try to leave early whenever it's reasonable to do so. William didn't fuss at all the whole trip (which was longer than usual since I stopped to take pictures, we were out for 1 hr 40 minutes), which I attribute to him being more comfortable in the cool, low-humidity environment.

Here's a link to the slideshow in the Gallery section.