Getting A Baby Scale

We tried to weigh William yesterday, but we only have adult scales. Which are apparently not that accurate, because when I stepped on the scale holding William, then weighed myself without him, the difference was 11.4 pounds. But when Terry did the same thing moments later, the difference was 10.2 pounds. This method was obviously not working for us.

When I was online shopping yesterday, I scoped out baby scales. I found one I liked, and put in my shopping cart, but didn't buy it. I thought Terry might be mad if I brought another item into the house, when we're trying to get rid of things (we have a lot of extra stuff since we consolidated our house and condo). I thought about where we'd put it, and fortunately the changing table I ordered has some shelves on it, and the scale should fit on the bottom shelf.

But today Terry was talking on the phone to his sister, telling her the problem with our scale when she asked how much William weighs now. When he got off the phone, I asked if I should just buy a baby scale for us, and he replied, "Sure!" It's all about catching him in the right mood for a purchase.

So this evening when we got home from church, I ordered the scale. I'm still trying to avoid dairy products for William's sake, and plan on continuing until he turns two months old (June 11th) at a minimum. Then I'll try just adding a little bit of dairy-- first thing I'll try is putting cream in my morning coffee, the almond milk just makes it taste funny and I don't like the non-dairy creamers, either. But it will be helpful to be able to track if he's gaining weight after I add back dairy, because if he doesn't gain right I'll have to go back to total avoidance. Really what I want is to eat ice cream, but all the anecdotal evidence suggests that that is the very dairy product most likely to cause digestive problems in babies. So I won't try that, but I'm going to guess that a tablespoon of cream in my diet once a day is a safe way to test the waters.