So Many Things To Post, So Little Bandwidth

I am frustrated since I actually have quite a few media items I want to post here, but I'm having a hard time editing them and getting them uploaded.

On Monday night I made a Brownie Cake Cookie Pie, and made an instructional video as I went along, to show others how to do it. But first I couldn't download the clips off my SD card from the camera to the computer, and once I finally got everything on the computer, I was having a hard time playing the clips in my movie editor. So you'll have to wait to see how that turned out (although I will say it was crazy delicious).

I think it was yesterday that I filmed Terry singing a song he made up for William. That one I don't really need to edit, and it's uploading to YouTube now, so maybe I will be able to post it here soon. Soon being relative, of course. If we still had our T1 internet connection it would be uploaded by now. But the DSL has been S-L-O-W today. Slow internet combined with a slow computer, blech.

When we were out shopping on Monday, I picked up some more organic prefold diapers to use as burp cloths. I've been running out of burp cloths, and couldn't figure out why until I realized that they were accidentally getting mixed up with the clean diapers in the laundry room. And once they're used as diapers I no longer use them a burp cloths.

To prevent this next pack from the suffering the same fate as the last bunch, I'm decorating them so it's obvious that they are not to be used as diapers. I finished three of the six, and took a picture, but again, I don't dare try to work on the photo while the video is uploading, lest I get "corruption" errors on either one.

So these are a few of the things you can look forward to in the (hopefully) near future. I don't know if I'll have these issues resolved in a matter of days or if it will take longer than that. I really need to start archiving old data to make room on this laptop for all the new pictures and videos I'm taking. But it's a long and tedious chore, just terrible for someone with ADD, especially since I'm not on any meds for it.

I've half a mind to just buy a new computer, but honestly I don't think the problem is with the computer just yet (although it IS getting pretty old, components might start failing, it hasn't happened yet). Terry has been promising for about two years now to put another memory chip in my laptop, but he hasn't ever gotten around to it.

Oh, hooray! I just noticed that the song video is finally uploaded! I'll go post that. . .