Rue La La had a boutique opening this morning, and I actually remembered to check it out right when it opened, before everything was sold out. I put a cute pair of silver earrings in my cart, but while I went into the other room to get a ruler so I could hold 5/8" up to my ear to make sure I liked the size for that style, they became sold out.

When I went to check out, I was informed that the sale waits for no one, and the last pair of earrings was taken from my cart since I hadn't yet checked out. That's usually how these sorts of timed boutique sales work, so I wasn't surprised. And really only mildly disappointed, since it was going to be an impulse purchase, and I hadn't entirely made up my mind about getting them in the first place. So someone who knew exactly what they wanted made up my mind for me.

The Chloe sale is Friday. The preview bags look nice (although generally, I dislike the way Rue La La only shows videos as their sale preview), so I might actually do my research in advance, select a bag or two from the line that I would like, and set my own valuation before I see the Ru La La price. That way I'll be ready to spring into action as soon as the sale starts at 11am. . .

I've been sending out Rue La La invitations with abandon lately, and as in my previous post, if you want an invite first register with the email address you'd like to use then add a comment to one of my Rue La La posts and I'll send one your way. Your email address is not published.

ok this is about the 4th

ok this is about the 4th time I came across Rue La la this week. Can you send me an invite as well thanks!!

I think it's interesting how the site is catching on. The "by invite only" thing seems to be working for them. I wonder if it's so they're more likely to get people who really want to own the items instead of just re-sell them on ebay. . .HJT

Rue la la sounds like a

Rue la la sounds like a dream come true - I would have loved that chloe plexi bag at that price! Please can I have an invite? Thank you!

I know! I actually just received the first item I successfully ordered from them today and am wearing it now, the Magaschoni Black Henley Top. It was a good deal! HJT

I'd like a rue la la invite

I'd like a rue la la invite too, please. thanks so much!

Oops! I was too late! Sorry! HJT

Can you send me an invite to

Can you send me an invite to Rue La La? Tx.

You bet. -HJT

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