Burst of Activity This Morning

I had a burst of productivity this morning. We didn't take a morning walk again (we missed Tuesday since we were tired, Wednesday since I had to leave for a meeting in Cville by 9am, and today because it's so foggy here the cars wouldn't be able to see us until they're right up on us, and that is NOT safe on a 1-lane gravel road). So I decided to not be lazy and do something else.

I first had a nice bit of interaction with William, he's starting to reach out and touch things, and he's keen on touching Terry's and my faces when we're near him. He did it first to Terry yesterday, and to me today (Most of the time with me, it's not my face he's interested in. Typical male.)

Oh darn it. He's hungry again. I'll finish this post later. Fortunately, I can edit posts. . .

OK, I'm back. It's now 2pm. What was I writing about two hours ago?? Oh yes, my flurry of productivity. It didn't last long, but Terry and I managed to put away a bunch more stuff. We found space in a closet for my boxed wedding dress, we finally got all the NJ dishes and cookware up off the kitchen floor, and cleared off the tops of the nightstands and end tables in the bedroom. Also put away some of the clean clothes that had been languishing in the laundry room. And rolled up and stowed the black rugs we use to protect the new rug in the bedroom when we let William go diaper-free in there. I was motivated since our maid was coming today, and she hadn't been able to dust in a few weeks due to all the clutter, and I wanted that dust gone. Plus the kitchen floor was accumulating dirt amongst all the extra canisters and things on the floor there. They will all need to be washed before we can use them, but I didn't tackle that today, it's a lower priority.

Terry continued cleaning and putting things away for about 30 minutes after I lost patience with the task. During that time, I switched gears and made a list of everything we need to keep in our diaper bag. I'm going to make a custom diaper with a separate section for everything we use, that way we can tell at a glance if we're missing something before we leave the house. Several times we've been out and about when we discovered that the diaper bag was missing something we needed. Everything is just thrown in one big tote now, so it takes a while to confirm its contents, and we don't have time for that.