How Heidi Got Her Groove Back

I had William in his sling and we were dancing along to Terry's guitar-playing. He had the amp turned up and we were all having a good time. Then the effort Terry took to set up all our "Roger Moore" (that's the name of our little two-person band) gear in the bedroom last week paid off. After months of not playing bass (I had to stop some time before William was born since I had gotten too darn big to strap the thing on anymore), I decided to get back to it.

Terry gave me a bass guitar for Christmas, and over my last trimester was working on teaching me how to "lay down a groove," which is the main responsibility of a bassist. Considering that Bach's two-part inventions are my favorite piano pieces to play, you would be right to assume that "laying down a groove" does not come naturally to me.

Nevertheless, I've always wanted to play in a band, and since Terry plays guitar WAY better than I do, it was determined he'd get that instrument. And my hand-foot coordination is not good enough to be a drummer. So that left bass. So now I'm a bassist. Although I still have my electric guitar, and eventually we'll have some songs where I'm on guitar and Terry is on drums.

Anyway, William was in a good mood and it was time for him to start winding down for his nap. So I swaddled him and set him up in his little chair to watch and listen to Terry and I play. William has been watching and listening to Terry playing guitar since we brought him home. But he's never seen ME play music.

So he was mostly watching me when we were playing. I wonder if he recognized the sound of the bass from the womb. I did play daily for a while, and he could hear things at the time. I don't think I've played piano for him yet, either, although I also played that a fair amount when I was pregnant.

Now, I "lay down a groove" pretty much like you would expect from a white, middle-aged housewife. But I'll probably get better if I stick with it. Terry is very patient with me. I forgot which frets I was supposed to use to make up a groove, so I tried winging it. I messed up a few notes, but whatever.

I'll be sure to record more in the future where Terry is really working the guitar solo. It's been nearly a year since he quit his day job to be a musician, and while he refuses to put any of his fully produced songs into public until he's made them perfect (most sound great to me already), I'm hoping that by posting his noodling around online he'll be peer-pressured into letting more people listen to his songs.

So here is our performance-- you get to watch the sole member of the audience, William.

Hmm. After watching this, it does seem like young William is being raised by a couple of overgrown teenagers playing guitar in their bedroom on a Thursday afternoon, doesn't it? The poor kid is going to have such a skewed idea of what constitutes normal behavior in our society. And I really need to get a bedskirt to cover that box spring, don't I?

How sad that it's already after 3pm, and I JUST NOW remembered that I have a job, and haven't even given a second of thought to how the markets are doing today. Which is dangerous since the pattern for oil is about played out and I actually have to be ready to pull the trigger on that soon. Off to Yahoo! Finance I go. . .