Gotta Love Automated Trades!

So my trade did NOT fire off, and the sell setup DID recycle. So I'm now poised to take further profits.

But Terry doesn't understand this. When I told him I was happy that I didn't sell at $37.66 since now the prices would recycle up, he was unconvinced. He said I don't know that the prices will go up, and it's possible I'll now have to sell at less than $37.66.

It annoys me that he is not supportive. He's always pointing out negative things that make no sense. I'm a TECHNICAL trader. I don't play hunches, I trade based on technical price and volume signals.

Well, I guess we'll just see what happens. I'm literally putting money on the bet that I'm right and Terry is wrong. But for risk management purposes, I will calculate my stop-loss limit and put that trigger in place.