Three New Burpcloths

Lest anyone think I goof off ALL day, I did add trim to these burpcloths the other night. For the one with floral trim, I tried using the "free motion" setting on my sewing machine, and just moved the fabric and trim under the needle in a circle until all the petals were sewn down. It was kind of fun. I want to practice more free motion machine sewing, there are probably some fun effects I could create with that. The second cloth is just trimmed with red ribbon to match our headboard. The last I monogrammed with a bit of T-shirt scrap leftover from making the blue diapers.

I have three more new organic diapers to convert into burpcloths with trim. I may or may not sew those tonight. I don't know if I'll have time before "So You Think You Can Dance" since I want to watch that, and I'm not sure how late I'll want to stay up after that.