Gossip Girl Is Too Expensive, Meerkat Manor Too Depressing

I missed the last half of the second season of Gossip Girl since it's on Monday nights and conflicted with some group events I go to, and the CW makes the whole online-viewing experience difficult since they wait not one but TWO weeks before they put episodes online so you really get all out-of-order if you miss a week, so I just stopped watching.

But now we've seen all the episodes of Heroes and House, and I want to watch Gossip Girl. But the CW only has the last several episodes online, and I missed thirteen.

I've already watched two, because I found them online. Granted, I found them online and they were highly digitized and had Spanish subtitles obscuring the bottom of the screen, but I really couldn't find a better copy to watch. @#$$% Google and their copyright protection efforts on YouTube. And Hulu doesn't have it, either. But my quest to watch more episodes badly ripped off Spanish TV ended last night. The episode Gone With The Will wouldn't finish loading, so I only got halfway through. I want to finish it before I watch the next episode, since in the beginning Blair tells her dad that Chuck is "dead to her" but I don't know why. Something happens in Gone With The Will and I want to see it!!

The DVD of season two isn't slated to be released until August, and I don't want to wait that long. But if I do hold out until then, at least it is a candidate to watch instantly on Netflix.

But what I discovered today really irritated me. Terry set up our A/V shelf in the upstairs lounge, and I tested the setup by playing videogames on the Playstation. At one point, William was fussing too much while I was holding him for me to play a game, so I decided to browse the media titles in the Playstation Store. They had Gossip Girl!

They even had all the episodes from season two, available for download to my PS3. But here's the thing, they cost $1.99 per episode! I checked, and I've got ten episodes left to watch, so that would be $20. It's not worth it to me to spend $20 to watch this show, I can watch something else until the DVD is released and I can see it on Netflix for free. But if only the Playstation store was charging $.99 per episode, I would watch it! I would totally plop down $10 to be able to watch all the episodes in high quality, but alas, it is not possible.

So I will either try again with the ripped-from-Spanish-TV versions, or wait until August. In the meantime, Terry and I watched the first two episodes of "Meerkat Manor". I'm not sure I want to watch anymore, since one of the main characters got bit by a poisonous snake, and I don't want to watch the show if he dies. That's too depressing. I find it terribly depressing when nature shows anthropomorphize animals, and then tell heartbreaking stories about their demise. I'm still haunted by one show I had the misfortune to watch on PBS about eagles. After going through the whole courtship and mating process, the bird couple took turns sitting on their eggs for months. They generally wait until the weather turns nice in the spring before laying their eggs. But that year there was a terrible freak ice storm in April, and the female eagle froze to death and died when she went out for food, leaving the male to heroically sit on those eggs keeping them warm for over 24 hours through the storm (they usually switched off every couple hours), getting all rained and iced on in the process. But the male couldn't hold out any longer since he got too hungry, and when he flew off to eat, all the baby eagles in their eggs died. So the male eagle was left with a dead mate, and dead children, so he was all alone. And eagles have big territories, so it would be difficult for him to find another mate. It was just heartbreaking, complete with the melodramatic background music.

I don't even watch the news since they usually have upsetting stories ("grocery store doors. . .that KILL") so I should know better by now than to watch nature shows. If they didn't anthropomorphize the animals and come up with touching narratives, I don't think I'd have a problem with them. I don't cry thinking about my neighbor's bulls going to slaughter. But if someone made a film about a male son cow being cruelly taken from his grieving mother, I'd probably feel bad about it. So I think I'd better stop watching Meerkat Manor while I'm ahead.