Pair of Knit Booties

I finished the second bootie! It looks better increasing the stitches the way they called for in the pattern, I was dumb to miss that instruction when I knit the first one. But since they barely fit William now, it won't be a mistake I have to live with for very long.

They're pretty primitive-looking, aren't they? I don't think I'll make another pair from this pattern. Or from this yarn, for that matter. But I am very pleased with this project, since it got me over my subconscious knitting-phobia. I must have had some problem with knitting since I've avoided it so long, but I think whatever was holding me back is gone now.

I'm still the world's slowest knitter, so I don't know that I'll ever tackle large projects, but I'm ready to give baby clothes a go. But I'll not start William's sweater until after I make the baptismal gown (sewn, not knitted!).