Ghost Train Commercial

Tonight I commuted home with my husband, and we sat on the "passenger" side of the PATH train out of the WTC station. Ordinarily this side would have the worst views but it was a dark night, so it didn't really matter. Or so I thought. Terry told me he'd seen some crazy lit-up advertising out the train window just before the Exchange Place stop. I was skeptical, but looked for it. And lo and behold, there it was! Some car company (effective advertising, that I can't remember the brand. . .) had somehow put up still pictures on the wall of the train tunnel so that their ad looked like a moving commercial outside the train windows. It was illuminated, but we couldn't figure out if there were lights on the outside of the train, or lights from the ceiling, or if it was backlit. It looked pretty freaky. Like some ghost commercial. And with the glare on the window glass from inside the train, it was hard to place it in space (it didn't LOOK like it was 6" from the train, but it was hard to tell how it was happening). But definitely look for it if you take this commute, since as far as I know this is something really novel.