Afternoon In The Recording Studio

I finally got around to recording the backup vocals for Terry's song Futuristic Baby. He wrote it back when I was first pregnant, and has been working on refining the various vocal and instrumental tracks. His vocals sound pretty good now, I hadn't heard it since around January, and he's done a lot of work on the song since then.

To get a clean track, you can't listen to the song through the speakers when you're singing, you have to listen to it through headphones. So it's pretty funny for anyone else in the room, since there is no music, just a person in headphones dancing around and intermittently bursting into song. During one take Terry was laughing and taking pictures of me with his phone. I must have looked particularly like an idiot for that take. . .

I also recorded a "whisper track". I had never heard of such a thing, but Terry says it's used by music engineers to add a note of seriousness to songs. You don't sing it at all, you just whisper lyrics like you're speaking them in a whisper, with no tune.

When I had recorded about eight tracks all the way through, and another six of just the bridge (where I sing the whole verse), Terry said he had enough to work with. Then we listened to the whole song with my tracks included. I was satisfied. I don't sound like a professional singer or anything, but I wasn't embarrassed with how I sounded, and that's all I can really hope for at this point. Terry will adjust the levels and stuff to make me sound better than live. I am interested to hear the final result.

I will, of course, post the song here when Terry finishes. He's been working on the song since last September or something like that, so I'm not holding my breath that he'll pick up the pace here at the end. But hopefully he'll be done in another few months. . .