Giant Bootie??

Since the first pair of booties I knitted were too primitive for me to want to use them as part of William's baptism outfit, I started on another pair.

After church I went to the yarn shop on the downtown mall, and got yarn to make baby socks per the pattern in my new Debbie Bliss easy baby outfits book, and also yarn to make booties from an old British knitting pattern book. The British ones are prettiest, so I started them.

I'm nearly done with one bootie, but am perplexed. The pattern said it was suitable for a 9-month old, but it looks to me like that would be one giant baby. Or the yarn I'm using is too big, which would irritate me since I specifically brought the book in to show the lady at the yarn shop so she could look at the pattern and pick out a suitable yarn for me. There were thousands of types of yarn in there (floor to ceiling on every wall, plus lots in shelves in the middle) so there was no way I'd find the right thing, and I was trusting her. Maybe it's just that my knitting is off gauge, but I doubt I'm THAT much off gauge (unless the yarn is too big). Or the last option, which would be the best, is just that it appears that the bootie is too large when it's on the needles, but once I press it and sew it up it will be just the right size.

I'll post a photo when I'm done with the first one, probably sometime tomorrow. I know I said I wouldn't knit the booties until the baptismal gown is complete, but I had to prewash and dry the cotton I'm using for the gown and figured I might as well do something useful when I was waiting for it to cycle through.