Game Six!

What a night! I woke up this morning prepared for the usual grind, made worse by the fact that my husband would be away on a business trip, and I'd have to go home to an empty apartment. But one of his business partners had an extra ticket to game 6! He asked the resident baseball-fan employee (who also had season tix and was going to game 7) if he wanted it (at face value!), but to our amazement he declined. He then offered the ticket to the other male developers but had no takers (ok it WAS pretty miserable weather). But when he went back to his office I overheard him telling his wife he had no takers I abandoned my demure reserve.

I ran into his office and started waving my arms around with my eyes bugging out. He said, "Oh, hold on, Jen" (to his wife on the phone). I told him I was interested in the ticket, and he asked what about my husband--and I reminded him that he'd be on a business trip, so Eric assented. He was concerned that I didn't have proper attire (um, I NEVER dreamed that I'd be going to the Yankees/Sox playoff game tonight when I got dressed in the morning, but this is just another day in Heidi's World so anything is possible). I told him I'd GET proper attire. I ran up to Fulton St. and picked up a Yankees stocking cap, an "NYC" sweatshirt, a fleece scarf, and a rain poncho (all for $28).

I'd wanted to go to a Yankees game since I moved up here in 2001, but my husband was never motivated to get tickets. So it was very fun that I got to go to such a hot game on my first visit to the stadium!! Wooo! It was a real bummer that the Yankees didn't put the Sox down--and a superbummer the next night when the Sox won the series (I had to watch that on a fuzzy channel on the TV in my apartment). AND it was cold and misting (a crazy blowing-around drizzle) all evening, but I still had a lot of fun.