Old-Timey Commuting

This morning on the PATH train into work I enjoyed the above-ground portions of the ride, as usual. During the above-ground in NJ one sees rock and ivy and trees out the window, and it is generally pastoral. And during the above-ground portion in NY one sees the loop around the WTC construction site (although it will eventually be below grade). But only today did I get the feeling that I was making the same commute as the old-timey wealthy did. Way back in the way back, the Heights was waaaay out in the country, and the rich weekended in their country homes in NJ, away from the filth of the city. And their view during their commute must have been at least reminiscent of mine (just when things on the NJ side start looking industrial, the train goes underground so we don't have to see it). But perhaps I'm more fortunate because the trip is short enough I can return to the "country" nightly instead of just on the weekends. But the downside is that the Heights is significantly less pastoral than it used to be (yet still more so than many parts of NYC).