Ironically, La Leche Meeting Threw Will Off His Feeding Schedule

I was too tired to go for a walk this morning, although the weather was tolerable. But I decided I'd try to make it to the Cville La Leche meeting at 10am. I was all set to leave by 9:30am until William woke up from his nap 40 minutes early demanding to be fed. I fed him from 9:20 to 9:30, figuring 10 minutes of food would tide him over until we got to the meeting and he could finish his meal in leisure.

I estimated correctly that the snack would keep his hunger at bay for 30 minutes, but what I didn't count on was not being able to find the church where the meeting was being held. By 10:15am I had to just pull over to the side of the street in a residential area to feed him. I did find the right church on my second pass down the street, and made my way through the building to the meeting room. I arrived at the meeting halfway through, but I figured since everyone there was a nursing mom, having to stop to feed my baby on the way to the meeting was an acceptable excuse for being late. I was able to sneak in quietly and pull up a chair in the circle.

William slept through the meeting. I learned one new thing-- that food allergies / sensitivities (through breastmilk, like William has when I eat dairy foods) can crop up later, as well. They are not only for newborns. You have to watch the poop, and if it starts looking funny, there is probably some food you're eating that is disagreeing with baby. One woman had this happen I think she said when her baby was 9 months old.

There were about ten women there, and more kids than that. The conversation pretty much did stay on breastfeeding topics. I may continue to go, I'd like to meet more women who are home during the day with their kids, and preferably in Crozet. The 30+ minute drive into town makes any trip with William into a production, complete with planning out his feeding schedule in advance, etc. It is NOT fun when he gets hungry while I'm on the highway. When I'm in town, it's not so bad since I can pull over quickly. But on Rt 250, there aren't any good options for much of the route.

Anyway, when William fell asleep after the second 10-minute feed (the first was at home, the second on Rugby Ave before I found the meeting place), I figured he had the equivalent of a full 20-minute feed, and he'd sleep for at least an hour. Not so much.

He woke up around 11:15am right after I left the meeting, and started fussing by 11:20am. I knew I couldn't drive all the way home with him in that state, so I fed him again. Then I had to eat, and was irritated by William's irritability, and went for a Whopper Jr. AND fries, AND a diet coke. Lunch did give me a better attitude, even if it didn't provide very many healthy nutrients.

Then when we got home, Terry kept him up a little bit to tire him out so he'd sleep, but after about 30 minutes he became apoplectic. So I fed him just because I felt sorry for him, and nothing else Terry was doing to soothe him seemed to work, despite a valiant effort on his part.

When I fed him, he fell asleep for an hour, but then woke up again hungry! He is all off his routine today, and his little body doesn't know how to handle it. It's my fault. It's times like this thatmake me think twice before heading off to some discretionary event, whether the timing of it will be too disruptive to William (since he's feeding so often I have to bring him with me, wherever I go), and whether I can deal with him being difficult by myself if Terry is not joining me on the trip.

There is a meeting next Wednesday in Greenleaf Park. I'm not sure if I will go, although I'm interested in seeing the park since I've never been there. It would be entirely for my benefit, William is too young to care about seeing other kids (although a very sweet little 3-month old girl named Imogin was sitting next to us).

Oh-- I did learn another new thing. It was the first time I'd seen someone using a Mei Tai carrier up close. It looks like for kids William's age, it holds the baby in an easier position to breast feed than the sling does. I know there are sewing patterns online, I'll make one and try it out. I am finding that it is useful to have different kinds of carriers for different situations.