Finally, A Sock That Fits William

Third time's a charm! Finally, I knitted a sock that fits William right now. And it looks like it will stay up.

It was my first time knitting in the round, and it took a few minutes to get used to the extra needles poking out all over the place.

The pattern was easy to follow, except when I was supposed to "knit two together, through back loops". This confused me, since I thought all knitting was done through the back of the loops anyway, so I just knit them together regular. But I can understand why the pattern called for something other than regular, since on one side of the sock the decreases look like they blend in a little better than on the other side.

But it's only noticeable if you scrutinize the sock, and he's only going to be in them a couple months regardless. So I opted for the expediency of knitting it wrong rather than spending time to look up the right way to knit those stitches. I'll look it up or ask someone before I knit the next sock. Which really should be AFTER I finish sewing his baptism outfit (it would even be ok if at least I waited until I STARTED his baptism outfit).

The sock looks like it's too big in this photo, but his bare foot just looks particularly small based on the angle of the photograph. The sock actually fits him very well.