Resolved to Buy UUP

As it turns out, yesterday was NOT day 13 of the countdown for UUP, since it didn't close low enough. But it's looking like today might qualify.

After talking it over with Terry, I decided I would buy the ETF. It doesn't matter if the dollar is going to be worth less in the future, since the returns are based on its performance relative to other currencies. And ALL fiat money globally is headed to you-know-where in a handbasket. And the dollar is still going to be the strongest of the losers.

I still might not buy at the close of day 13, though. I'm going to reread the chapters in my DeMark textbook that discuss long strategies, and then make my decision. I've got until near 4pm, since under NO long strategy would I buy before the close of day 13 (and it might not even be today).