Crozet Pizza

As Terry and I headed down the road at 6:55 to make our 7:05 reservation at Crozet Pizza, I joked how lucky we are to be so close when people make a pilgrimage to eat a pie here. The big buzz in town this summer was that (insert drumroll. . .) The Washington Post wrote "and a taste of what some call the best pizza in Virginia -- or even the country," referring to Crozet Pizza.

Terry and I have had long discussions about this, and are generally in agreement that anyone who drives two hours or more for some pizza here will probably be disappointed. It's not that Crozet Pizza isn't good, it's quite good and we ARE lucky to be able to pop in anytime. It's just that I don't think it lives up to the hype. The best pizza in Virginia? The country? I think some of Brick Oven's 'zas are better than Crozet Pizza's (although some of Brick Oven's combination toppings are not really complimentary, or perhaps just an aquired taste, in either case I avoid a few of them). Crozet Pizza does have a varied (although not a particularly large) selection of beers in its favor; it is kind of fun to have a Tsing Tau or Red Stripe from time to time.

I would certainly recommend coming from as far as Staunton or Fluvanna for some good pizza, but I am skeptical that people from further away would not be able to find an equally good pizza on their way here.