William's Great Timing

I'm pretty irritated at William-- he cost me my trade today!! He was fine ALL afternoon, and then, right at 3:45pm, he had a breakdown. I was able to stand it holding him (trying in vain to comfort him) for five minutes while I put in my buy order.

But he was screaming so loudly and turning red that I couldn't ignore him anymore, and walked around to try to get him calm. I did get him calmed down, but I also missed my trade. If I had been able to watch my trading screens, I could have seen that the bid/ask changed during the last few minutes of trading, and I could've changed my limit order by A PENNY and had it filled. Ordinarily, it wouldn't have come to this, since I would have asked Terry to take care of William for ten minutes while I traded.

But nooooo, Terry is in Richmond picking his mother up from the airport. I guess I'll try to buy at the open tomorrow, but it's a different dynamic. @#$#@.