Grr. Slow Sorority Time

After I was robbed of the trade I should have made at the close, I went to facebook to play the sorority game to make myself feel better. I was able to play a little bit, but soon exhausted all my energy and confidence, and I've got to wait for them to reset. I get 1 tick per two minutes or so, so I've got to wait about five hours until my character is recharged. So much for that.

I guess now I'll go upstairs and maybe play a little on the Playstation. That'll help me relax again. And maybe this evening I'll clear off my cutting table in the sewing room and cut the pieces to start William's gown. I still have a couple weeks, but I hate leaving things for the last minute, since I am NOT one to stay up all night on projects like that, unlike my mother and sister who seem to take it for granted that they'll be up all night before a party or holiday. I can't even prepare food the day of an event (with the exception of a sit-down dinner party), I either have to have it catered, or prepare it the day before.

I'll probably do a combination of that for the baptism reception. I'm still finalizing the menu, but have a pretty good idea of what it will be.