We'll See If I Can Recover

I placed my order for UUP for $23.76 (yesterday's closing price) at the open this morning, but the price opened at $23.97 and is now trading around $24. I'm hoping that the gap will fill* and my order will be executed sometime today.

With both Terry and his mother here today, I should have some time for myself to get a few things done. I've already been able to update my long-neglected charts for FXI, EWJ, and FXY. I should've traded the FXI back in March. Now I know. I only started studying to be a trader 25 months ago, and have only actually been trading with money for 22 months now, so I'm still very much learning as I go. I figure I should be competent after five years (target date summer of 2012) and expert after ten years (2017). Terry is impressed that I've stuck with this so long. Most of my interests fade after a few months to a year.

*A "gap" is when the stock price is quite a bit higher or lower than the last price without intermediate prices in between. Many times, if there is a gap at the open (it varies significantly from the previous day's closing price), it will be "filled" during the course of the day. This means that the stock will trend either up or down until it hits the previous day's closing price, then could continue in either direction (either crossing the opening price again, or moving the opposite direction).