VP Debates

Just watched Chaney & Edwards duke it out. Was very distracted by Edwards' hand, um, things. Using the "Clinton-thumb-fist" so emphatically my mind drifted to whether he was thinking subconsciously of what he was going to do later. And then when he switched it up, I thought it looked like he was playing some kind of alter-universe game of rock, paper, scissors with himself. Rock, rock, paper, vertical paper, safety scissors (when he pointed two fingers, but touched them together so there would be no sharp points. . .), etc. and WHAT was up with him grabbing an individual finger on one hand with all his fingers of the other hand?!?! Plus, with all his "John Kerry thinks this, John Kerry thinks that" he did strike me a bit as a pretty puppet.

But to be fair, I was also waiting for Chaney to respond with, "No, John, what this country needs is NOT fewer tax cuts for the rich, but to eliminate programs like Head Start, the Education Department, and I think we WOULD be all better off if Mandela was back behind bars. I stand by my voting record. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-haaa." All he needed was a black hood and scythe to go with his black suit.

Fortunately, neither guy is really going to be that important once somebody's been elected. I think Chaney can definitely come across as cold and calculating, but I do tend to agree more with his calculations that with his opponent's. There are so many reasons why outsourcing jobs will ultimately be better for this country's economy (even my liberally-minded husband agrees with that). And raising taxes on the rich might not be the best solution, either. And though I like the idea of the simplicity of the flat tax (federal sales tax) I certainly think it should still be progressive. But then, it wouldn't be flat, would it? But how about a tax of a low x% for all purchases under amount $a, (x+y)% for purchases $a+b, (x+z)% for purchases in the next bracket up, and so on. So anyone paying $400 for a pair of shoes will be taxed like the rich no matter their income. And people living sensibly will be spared. Does the middle class really need a tax break on their Manolos? And don't tell me the middle class doesn't buy them. I've seen it myself.