Prison Break!!

Terry and I had our first night out without William tonight! His grandmother (Terry's mom) babysat so the two of us could go out to a nice dinner. We went to Fosset's to celebrate our anniversary, since it was too close to William's birth to go out on the actual date back in April.

As we drove away from the house, we noticed it didn't quite feel like old times. It felt like we had escaped prison while the guard was asleep, and we knew we had to be back before he woke up again. Not that we literally tried to go to dinner and back while Will was sleeping, I had pumped enough milk to cover two separate feedings, so we could stay out plenty long enough to not feel rushed.

We didn't feel at all bad about leaving William behind, we knew Terry's mom would be fine with him for a few hours. Terry said he wouldn't feel comfortable leaving William with a sitter, but grandparents would be fine. I'd be fine with a sitter, but I don't feel strongly enough about that to insist on it. I do miss the old lifestyle, but not so much I need to go out alone with Terry often, just once in a while will be fine.

Fosset's was great, as usual. The service there is so good, very much un-like Charlottesville. It really is like going away on vacation for the evening. When I made the reservation they asked if we were celebrating a special occasion, and when we arrived they greeted us by name and wished us a happy anniversary. Nice. Plus they gave us a quiet table away from families dining with kids. Very thoughtful.

We left at 6:20pm, and were back around 9:30pm. William ate once, and apparently drank nearly THREE bottles at his 7pm feeding. Morag was worried since we told her he'd only drink two (fortunately, we had plenty thawed in the fridge, ready to go). He never drank three with us before, so it was a surprise for us also. We joked that he figured he could get away with drinking three bottles since he could pull one over on the sitter, crying like he was hungry to get more when he knows his parents wouldn't let him get away with that. But of course we were just joking-- at nine weeks he's not capable of playing that sort of game, he must have really been hungrier than usual tonight.

Since Terry doesn't want to entrust William to a sitter yet, and his mother lives in Florida and is just visiting for the weekend, we'll have to rely on his other grandparents (my parents) for babysitting if we want to go out again in the near future. We haven't asked them, but I figure they'd be delighted for us to drive out to Richmond to visit and would be ok with watching William for a few hours while we went out to dinner. We'll have to discover where we like to go in Richmond, it'll be a nice change of pace for us. Since they're retired, we can probably even go on a weekday when it will be easier to get a reservation at a decent hour.