No terrorists allowed on the train!

I was particularly late to work this afternoon since I didn't get home from an election-eve party last night until after two. It was a slow commute since the trains were on a midday schedule, but when I arrived at the WTC PATH, there was unusual activity outside.

Police cars were lined up diagonally along the street in front of the PATH station (I didn't count, but 20 cars or so), and many, many cops were milling about, some in their scary black armor outfits. I asked a traffic cop if there was going to be a demonstration, and she shook her head no. I then presumed the show of force was to deter terrorists, and I thought it was really interesting that the NYPD was working so hard to keep the terrorists from taking the PATH train to New Jersey. I was irritated thinking that I was ON a train from New Jersey, and could have been blown up by a terrorist and I really should have been warned about that. I could have taken a bus or driven in.

Anyway, when I got to the office I looked on the internet to see if there was any mention of a heightened terror alert here, but mostly the news was just full of "Kerry Concedes". Finally, on the NY1 website in the small link to "other top stories" I read a paragraph about how 50 anti-war protesters demonstrated from the WTC to the stock exchange this morning, so I wonder if all the cops were just leftover from that. It didn't seem that way, though.