The Perils of Gift Soap Inventory

When we were living in the NY or NJ apartments, I only wanted consumable gifts, since we were tight on space. As a result, I got lots of wonderful bath products-- lotions, soaps, gels, candles, oils, you name it. So many, that I'm still using them up (Terry found a box in the back of the NJ closet when he was packing to move, which I'm now invading).

And I've got a new favorite shower gel-- it's from Bath & Body Works. It's Eucalyptus & Spearmint with cucumber-something (essence of cucumber??). I like it since it's got these little beads of bath oil suspended in the shower gel, and they leave me not only clean but also moisturized, and the smell is wonderful.

I was going to write up a nice review for my blog here, but when I went to get the product information online, it appears that the company no longer makes this formulation. They still have the eucalyptus & spearmint aromatherapy scent, but none of the shower gels have the oil beads in there. That was key to my enjoyment of the product. So there's really no point in writing a full review if the product is no longer available.

I am bummed out that I can't get more. I might try searching for it online, sometimes various drugstore discounters carry discontinued products. But I really don't know how many years it's been out of production, so it's a long shot. I might have to just keep my eye out for another brand with oil beads in the soap. I think the extra-moisturizing aspect of the wash is more important to me than the exact scent.