All This Time I Thought I Was Knitting

When Terry's mother, Morag, was here, she mentioned that she liked reading my website. And she got a terrific laugh when she saw the baby bootie I knitted from the pattern in the British book, since she's the one who gave me the book, and she knew what the bootie was *supposed* to look like. She said when she saw the picture of the bootie I knitted she was crying and falling out of her chair she was laughing so hard.

Harumph. I didn't think it was THAT bad. But little did I know, it really WAS that bad!! First of all, the yarn was too thick. The yarn shop sold me inappropriate yarn for that pattern. But of equal importance, is that what I *thought* was a knit stitch, was not a knit stitch at all!!

I thought that what I was doing with the knits and purls was creating a handsome stockinette stitch. But it was not-- what I really was doing was inadvertantly making some kind of fancy subtle rib stitch involving twisted stitches. It looked like stockinette to me, until Morag showed me what an actual knit stitch looked like, and comparing the accurate stockinette side-by-side with my own homegrown version of it allowed me to see the difference.

I'm amazed the little sock turned out as well as it did, given that I wasn't *actually* knitting. I thought I was doing it like the illustration in the front of my knitting book showed, but it turns out that I didn't pay very close attention to the picture, since I was, in fact, pulling thread around through the needles in a very curious and unorthodox way.

Now I'll have to knit up the matching sock using my own private bastard-knit stitch so I have a matching pair (they DO fit William, after all, unlike the British bootie which is a lost cause). But I'll try actually knitting the next pair I make. It should go more quickly, and will probably look better.

While I feel a bit of an idiot having made all these booties THINKING that I was knitting all along, but not actually knitting, I am certainly glad that Morag brought this to my attention before I started a larger project, like the sweater I'm going to make for William to wear in the fall. I'm pretty impressed that she could tell just by looking at the little online photos of my projects that I wasn't knitting them right, since I couldn't tell myself, and no one else brought it to my attention. . .