Nervous About Church

Terry left a few hours ago to take his mother to the airport in Richmond, leaving me here with William. In order to give her the most grandson-time before she had to head back to Florida, I held off going to Mass until after she left. But Terry won't be back before I have to leave, so it will just be William and me.

William's been to church several times now, but always with both Terry and myself. For the first several visits we were able to stay through the whole Mass without incident, but last week Terry had to take him during the readings. But if William gets fussy today, it'll be completely up to me to take care of it.

It's not that big a deal, it's not like there isn't a steady stream of parents carrying fussy babies out, it is a Catholic church, you know! Babies are encouraged! On a side note, they're even encouraged to attend Mass-- I asked during the baptism class when it would be appropriate to start bringing them to church (I have the option of leaving W at home since Terry isn't Catholic and wouldn't ordinarily go to church with me), but the instructor recommended getting the baby used to going to church as soon as we could bring him. So I bring him with me every week.

I think I'm mostly concerned about having to carry everything. Now that I think about it, I'll streamline the diaper bag so I can also fit my purse in it so I'll just have to carry the baby and one bag. I'll bring his little pot with me in the car, and try to get him to go before it's time to go inside. He's due to eat again around 4pm, so hopefully he'll be able to last after that until at least 6:15pm when Mass has ended. If he eats from 4 to 4:30, that gives me just enough time to pack him up and leave for church so we'll arrive early enough I can change his diaper if needed upon arrival. At least the timing is working out so I don't have to feed him in the parking lot, like usual.