Peeing In The Bushes

Terry is still not back from Richmond (he's been gone for over seven hours now), so it's just been William and me hanging out here all evening. He's up past his bedtime since he's not tired yet-- he slept a lot this afternoon and then all through the drive to and from church as well as during the service. I lost track of time and didn't have time to fuss with him, I just put him naked-but-diapered into the car seat and took off so I wouldn't be late. The result was that he just continued sleeping since I didn't wake him to get dressed. Score!

But back to the main topic of this post. William and I were sitting out front in the glider watching the sunset when I noticed he had a wet diaper. So I took it off out there and he was diaperless. Not knowing if he had to go more, I didn't want to risk carrying him through the house without a diaper at that moment, so I tried peeing him outside. I held him in the peeing position (my hands holding him by his thighs, his head and back resting against my chest), walked over to the bushes along our front walk, and made the peeing cue ("psssssssss"). And away he went! Right on cue, William launched an arc into the bushes that would have made his father very proud.

After it happened, I felt a little bad since Terry surely would have delighted in seeing that, but I quickly got over that feeling, since there's no reason he shouldn't be home by now and so it's his own fault he missed that moment. And I have no doubt, it will be repeated many, many times. I guess it will be convenient now to have TWO men to mark our territory to keep away the deer. The deer hopefully won't be able to sense that one of the men is a helpless infant.

Now I know that it is indeed the cueing noise that William is responding to, not the fact that he's being held over his potty. This is good, so I should in theory be able to hold him over ANY toilet (or bush. . .) and cue him to pee. I've noticed that he can pee almost all the times I hold him over the pot, so I'm hopeful that as long as I offer it to him regularly, he'll take advantage of the opportunity to keep his diaper dry, and I don't have to read any particular *signals* he's sending out. It's working out to be more of an intuition thing. The books described that most moms do it that way. It's not that we notice any signs, per se, that our child has to pee. I just all of a sudden think, "Hmm. William needs to pee," and I take him to the bathroom and there it is.

The past four days I've spent a lot of time taking off and putting back on diapers, and it's getting old. I think it will soon be time to literally go diaper-free more often. I've got him under control enough that it is rare that anything misses the pot (now that he is large enough to fit on the little white plastic potties, that's been a big help since they have little pee-deflectors in the front to keep it from going all over the room). So I'm going to experiment with peeing him in different rooms (still probably not the bedroom) during the day.