Since I've been having to give myself pedicures at home, my Lucky Chick - Foot Fetish Spearmint Foot & Leg Cream has been in frequent use.

I got it originally because I wanted a lotion that would feel tingly on my feet when I used it, but I have since come to appreciate the wax in it more than the spearmint.

The cream is marketed as something to use after exfoliating, which does make sense, but it's not really a traditional moisturizing lotion. I like to use it to get rid of dead skin after exfoliating.

If you just quickly rub the cream on, it does act like a regular moisturizing lotion. But if you KEEP rubbing it, the emulsified wax separates out and dead skin sticks to the wax, and you can gently rub it off. It's great for areas that are too sensitive for a pumice (over the Achilles tendon, elbows, top of the foot, between the toes, et al). It does make kind of a mess, though, so don't do this over a carpeted area. You probably don't even want to do this over a bare floor of any type, since one step onto the sloughed-off wax bits will grind them into the floor and make them hard to get up. Rub the waxy stuff off outdoors or over newspaper you can throw out for easy cleanup.

I bought it at a local beauty shop that has since gone out of business, but I found some online at Beauty Bridge. I haven't ordered from them before, but when I run out of my current tub of cream I'll probably order it from them-- there don't seem to be a lot of distributors for it, Lucky Chick is a small company.