Slow Motion Sewing Project

If it's not one thing, it's another. I managed to cut most of the pattern pieces for the baptism gown yesterday, but didn't have any white cotton thread. I also needed some fabric to use as a lining since the fancy stuff I got for the skirt part was a bit see-through. So I didn't make additional progress yesterday once I discovered this.

Instead of working more on the gown, I knit another sock-- this time I actually *knitted* using the correct stitch (or at least more correct stitches than I did before Morag gave me my knitting lesson). I used the white acrylic yarn I used for the first booties I made. It looks ok, but is a little fuzzy.

Today I went to the fabric store and got some white cotton muslin for the lining, and some cotton thread, and picked up some new needles while I was there. I also got another type of white acrylic yarn, this time it was a silky microfiber texture instead of soft. I'm nearly done with another sock, I think this one might finally be a keeper to use for the baptism. I'll have to see if it will fit W once I finish knitting it.

While at the fabric store, I also picked up some linen blend fabric to make a few more slings, and some flannel that was on sale so I can make some pretty burp cloths.

We got home from running errands around 2:30pm, but I was tired and had to rest. I've been pretty tired lately-- I presume it's from lack of continuous sleep at night, but honestly it's been so long since I've slept soundly through the night it doesn't even register anymore that maybe I'm tired because I'm not getting enough sleep. It doesn't necessarily FEEL that way, since it seems like I have more symtoms of physical exhaustion than I feel sleepy. Either way, the end result is that I didn't work on the baptism gown any more except to wash & dry the lining fabric and interfacing, so I can, in theory, work on constructing the outfit tomorrow.

But tomorrow I have a follow-up with the Creighton-method nurse, and I might go to the La Leche meeting at the park. But I'm leaning more to blowing that off so I can come home and sew before I get too tired like I was today.

Terry noticed one of the cats has a bit of blood in his urine, we're guessing it's Fenway but there is a chance it could be Merlin. He made an appointment to take Fenway to the vet tomorrow to get checked out. Hopefully it's nothing serious, just an infection that we can treat with antibiotics. He's had that before, and he's not that old, so I think the odds are good we'll be able to clear up whatever is the problem.