Fenway Has A Kidney Stone

Terry took Fenway to the vet today, and got the bad news that he's got a large kidney stone. That explains why he's started pooping the house again-- we thought it was territorial issues last time he was doing that, but it might have been the kidney stone all along. It's just big enough to show up on an x-ray now.

The cat will need surgery, which is tentatively scheduled for Monday. Poor kitty. I hate when they need procedures that require general anesthesia. Cats don't like that, they're all out-of-sorts when they get home from the hospital. He's not out-of-sorts now, but he is in pain (otherwise he wouldn't be having litterbox issues), so I'm in favor of taking care of this problem.

I mention this, since I am not always in favor of vet interventions. I think they come up with a lot of questionable procedure recommendations when they don't know what's causing a problem. And it's my opinion that some of the time you really have to weigh the benefits of an "exploratory" surgery vs just letting the cat be and seeing if the problem will go away on its own. If the cat is not in pain, I'm usually in favor of letting well enough alone. But I also try to keep in mind that in general, cats can definitely be in pain and not complain about it. They can be stoic that way. Poor Pipit had that bad hip, and it was painful just watching her go up and down the stairs, but she maintained a cheerful disposition about it for many months. And once she was in bad enough shape that she also was peeing blood (like Fenway) and she started having to go to the vet a lot, that's when she ran off. Poor kitty. I still miss that one, Pipit was a really good cat.