OK, I blew off an invitation to attend a picnic in support of saving McIntire park because I'm not so sure I'd rather save the park than have a bypass from downtown to 29N. I never use that park now that I live in the county, but I have to drive the long way around nearly every time I go into town. . .

But another reason I'm glad I missed the shindig was because the local Fox news station lead with a story about a vandalism/arson causing a lot of damage to a backhoe and generator that were used to construct the parkway, and then cut to a shot of our buddy at the support rally dancing in the picnic shelter. So funny! He is SO not into property damage, he's a really laid-back guy, and the news would have him dancing on the grave of heavy equipment.

We love the local news here. In NY/NJ it was too dark, there were always horrific stories about grandchildren throwing their babysitting grandmothers off 18th floor balconies, etc. But here, 1) we often recognize people in the news, and 2) they really have to work to make a drama out of not-so-dramatic news. Not that we watch it very often, but when we do, it's usually good for a laugh. We are so thankful to live in a town where the "controversial" subject of a 5th grade play makes the news. . .or a few cows on the loose, or when some cars get keyed. Good grief, cars get keyed every minute in Jersey City, they could devote a 24-hour news channel to it if they wanted. . .