Terry Is An A/V Genius!

Thanks to Terry, we are on the verge of watching the next episode of Gossip Girl not only on the big screen from our projector (we did that last night through the S-Video cable from my laptop), but in high resolution through my PS3.

I didn't even know the PS3 could be networked, but Terry figured out how to stream the video from his computer to my videogame box which is hooked up to the projector. It looks gooood.

For any other Gossip Girl fans, check out the commentary that New York Magazine has on their blog each week. It's archived so we read the commentary right after we watch each episode. They rate the authenticity of each episode as to whether or not the actions on the show are truly indicative of what life on the UES is like. I was initially attracted to the show because although it seems over-the-top to most of the country, much of it really is like real life in NYC. NYC is over-the-top in many respects. But I was always a downtown girl, so I'm not hep to the nuances of UES lifestyles, so the commentary on the NY mag blog is both entertaining and enlightening.

Right now, both Terry and I desperately want to watch the next episode now that he's got everything hooked up, but William is asleep in the other room. I suggested that was fine since we could hear him cry if he wakes up. But Terry is all worried about SIDS and notes that we wouldn't be able to hear if he had trouble breathing from down the hall. So I next suggested we pick him up and let him sleep in here while we watch our show. Terry signed off on that, but came back in a minute later without the baby, saying that we were being really selfish to risk waking a sleeping baby so we could watch Gossip Girl.

Yada, yada, yada. William's not going to remember anything that happens before he's two years old, right? Bad mother that I am, while I'm completely willing to suggest (and *I* would have followed through on the suggestion if it were me who left the room to get the baby) that we wake the baby so we can watch TV, I'm not bad enough to insist on overriding my husband's more caring instincts. But I did make a compromise that if W wakes up on his own before 11:20pm, I can feed him while we watch TV. Later than that and it would be too late to start the show.

But it's almost 11:20pm now, and W is still sleeping. However, it's been over 3 hours since he last ate, so it probably won't be long until he wakes up hungry. But since I did say 11:20, I'm going to sneak into the bedroom, and if Terry isn't in there I'll accidentally make a loud noise and hope that wakes William up. He needs to eat, anyway. I'm really doing the kid a favor. . .