I had to think for a minute to come up with a nice title for my blog post, since I hate to slam a business or product if I don't really hate it. And I don't hate the Asian Fusion, but I do think it's a pretty mediocre buffet.

When Terry and I were running errands in town the other day, I suggested we stop there for lunch. I didn't realize the restaurant was now called "Asian Fusion" and is located close to the Office Depot in the shopping center. I thought it was still called "Great Wall" and closer to the Boathouse restaurant.

The interior decoration was fine, it's all relatively new and therefore relatively clean, fresh, and not dingy, which is a plus.

The buffet had an enormous selection of food, which was good. But none of it was particularly good, which was bad. The only thing I really liked was the seafood roll. But honestly it tasted more like a recipe from the back of a Pillsbury can of refrigerated dough than anything remotely Asian. I thought the rice noodles were ok. Everything else was mediocre. The only thing I didn't eat was the spareribs, I really didn't like them. Everything else was passable, although I might have passed on more items had I not been as hungry as I was.

The next time I want Chinese buffet, I'll try the place next to the shoe store in the Shopper's World.