Finished Bodice

I didn't have a lot of time to sew today since we took W to the doctor for his 2-month appointment, then I took care of him at home while his father hooked up the box blade to the tractor.

But I was able to rip out the first sleeve and re-sew it in better, sew in the second sleeve, and tack on the neck bow in the 90 minutes I had this afternoon while William napped.

I didn't have time to sew on the buttons, I just placed them for the photo. But I'll be able to tack those on tonight so the bodice will be finished today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to sew up the skirt. It's simple, just gathered at the top and hemmed at the bottom. Except I do have both the decorative fabric and the lining, so I'll have to do two hems, and I haven't quite decided how long I want the underskirt to be. I'll probably wait until it's all together to decide.

Now we're all off to run some errands on the way to Kevin's cider-tasting. I think he's got something like 20 variations of homemade cider to try, he's very scientific about it, noting exactly what he changed with each batch. That's so he can replicate the good stuff in the future.

I've never quite been able to master the discipline to do that. Whenever I cook, I view it more like performance art or something, a unique experience that exists only once. Of course, there are many times I WISH I remembered exactly what I did to make a dish taste so good, and have to try repeatedly to replicate it until I figure it out again. But it does make the very good dishes more special, since both Terry and I know we may never eat the exact same meal again. . .

I AM glad I bothered to make a video of my BrownieCookieCakePie so I can make that again! It'll be the featured dessert when I host the July Bunko, and I can't wait. Yum!