Fenway Smells Like A Homeless Man

Terry brought Fenway back from the vet around 4pm this afternoon, and said he had to be separated from the other cats for a few days. So we put him in the sewing/laundry/studio room section of the house.

But when I walked into the room, I immediately noticed an "off" smell. It didn't exactly smell like Fenway peed in the room, but similar. The poor kitty was hiding out, but once I found him, it was clear that the offensive smell was the cat himself.

While he didn't pee in the room (or on any of my fabric scraps), he had peed on himself during the ride home in his cat box, so his fur was wet with cat pee, plus the musky smell of male-cat-in-distress.

I know that cats are fastidious groomers, and that Fenway is supposed to be wearing a cone collar so he can't groom himself, so I did him a favor and dry-cleaned him. I've got this cat foam soap that just needs to be rubbed in and toweled off. It works well, he smells nice now.

The poor cat has a shaved belly (although now I see why the vet said he should lose weight-- I thought his belly looked low just because has fluffy fur, but in reality it is fluffy fur over a lot of fat. . .), and needs to be on antibiotics and pain meds. Plus that darn cone-- he hates that (but what cat like it?). At least they make them out of clear plastic now so he can at least look around and not be as claustrophobic as they was necessary in the old days.

I'll go in there soon to check on him (I've been out of the room for over an hour). I need to finish sewing William's bonnet anyway.