Living in a Palace Wearing a Platinum Monkey

Terry and I were on our way to lunch when I mentioned that there was an art opening at the Iron Monkey here in Jersey City. We wondered if its name had anything to do with Brass Monkey or if it was a coincidence. Perhaps there are just all kinds of metallic monkeys? Steel Monkey, Copper Monkey, Gold Monkey, etc. I considered this and decided I am not really interested in a gold monkey, but I would like a platinum monkey. I would like a pin in the likeness of a monkey, something about 1.5" in diameter. The monkey pin would be made of platinum, and the monkey would be holding a jewel (probably a 1/4 carat of a colored gem) in each hand. And the monkey would have bejeweled eyes and maybe be sitting on a colored ball made of pave rubies or something. Gold could be used as an accent.

Terry asked why I wanted a bejeweled monkey pin, and I said because then I will be more special. He said I couldn't possibly be more special than I am already (5 years of husbandry has taught him the appropriate responses), but I argued that no, with a bejeweled platinum monkey pin I would be just as special as I am now PLUS with added specialness for having such a flashy* pin.

Later that afternoon we watched the old film "Public Enemy" in the old Loews movie palace near Journal Square. It was my first visit to the venue and I thought it was spectacular. Very much in disrepair, but it appears to primarily need renovation rather than reconstruction (not that I'm a qualified inspector or anything). But then I thought how fun it would be to buy an old movie palace and restore it into a private home. Then I could LIVE in a palace even though I am not a princess. And that would rock.

I spent some time this afternoon looking up abandoned movie palaces on the web (a handful of sites dedicated to listing them), but all the ones in VA were too far away to be convenient to Crozet or already renovated. But we have enough room on the farm to build one from scratch. Then I could do away with the whole nuisance of all that seating and just have a nice big residential palace. Terry suggested I go back to full-time work for about 10 years if that's what I wanted to spend money on. I'm going to read some architecture books about existing palaces to get a feel for the traditional floorplans, and think about it. It might really be worth 10 more years of work to get to live in a palace.

Wearing a bejeweld platinum monkey pin.

*Thursday night I was out with my friends Nora & Trey and they kept referring to things as "flashy". Not necessarily because there was anything gaudy or sparkly or eye-catching but just as a synonym for "cool" (or groovy, neat-o, wicked, hot, sick. . .). I mentioned I hadn't heard of "flashy" being the new trendy word and they said that's because it is not and only they used it. But they are a flashy couple and I wouldn't be surprized if it will be the new hot word soon, so I'm giving it a whirl.