MUST Get Haircut

My hair has gotten out of control, it's time for a haircut. Unlike the whole shower thing, which I have had no problem with since having a baby, I have been seriously spa-deprived.

Although I realize I'm only spa-deprived because I'm a good parent in one respect-- I try to shield William from noxious chemicals. And the spa is full of them. And I want to get my highlights touched up (darker this time, since I am not able to spend much time in the sun for the rest of my hair to lighten in turn), so I'm going to be in there for about three hours.

But I cannot put off the trip any longer. I am even willing to use up my emergency stash of pumped milk if necessary. Although I might be able to talk Terry into taking W with him to run errands while I'm in the salon, bringing the baby in only to feed. I'm not SUCH a good parent that I'm unwilling to subject my son to 20 minutes of noxious fumes while he eats, if that's what it takes for me to get my hair done.

Actually, if the timing works out so it's while I'm waiting for the color to set, I could go out and feed him in the car, so the only fumes he'd get would be the ones coming off my own head, instead of from every hair aerosol under the sun that's floating around the air of the salon. That wouldn't be too bad, especially since I could open the car windows.

Eh, we'll see how it plays out. I haven't even made my appointment yet, but they can usually fit me in the same day. Hopefully I'll get this done tomorrow.

It would be great to get a pedicure while my color is setting, but I did that once, and while I'm happy enough with my hairdresser, the nail service at the salon is disappointing, so I won't bother with that again. Although I might get my eyebrows waxed, I'm not overly picky about that, no one has ever messed them up and it's way easier than plucking.