William Peed Away From Home!

Yesterday we reached a big milestone-- William was able to pee on cue for the first time while he's been away from home! After Mass, his diaper was still clean, but I figured that wouldn't have lasted through the ride home since he hadn't gone since I fed him nearly two hours earlier.

So I took him to the sheltered side of the church, took off his diaper, held him over the grass, and cued him. And he rewarded me with a substantial pee. I KNEW he had to go.

It's pretty convenient doing the EC with a boy, now that he can hold his own head up. Before when we had to hold his head, we didn't have much control over his body and he'd wind up peeing all over the bathroom. But now that we can control his body, we can pretty much aim him wherever we want. And when we're outdoors, I just make sure I tip him so he gets a good enough arc it's far enough to not get on my toes, and straight enough he doesn't hit his own toes. Then I just shake him off and pop his clean diaper back on.

Now, while we're at home, I admit that our bathroom trips seriously interrupt my day. Since I have to take his diaper off, hold him over the pot, and cue him every time I think he needs to go. Which is still pretty often. But I keep reminding myself that all this early training will pay off down the line when we can get rid of the diapers, hopefully within this first year.