I Made A Diaper With Gussets

Terry wanted me to sew curtains for the porch today. I was confused since it didn't seem like a high priority given the other things on our to-do list, but I felt like sewing so I did it. These are the same curtains we had up a few years ago-- when I took them down to wash them I never bothered putting them back since they needed buttonholes added. Now that I have my super-duper sewing machine, it was really easy to pop in those buttonholes. I also added pennies to the bottom hem to keep them from blowing around quite so much. It wasn't windy today, but the pennies did keep the curtains from blowing at the slightest breeze which is a good start.

Since I was in the sewing room, and Terry complained that W has outgrown the newborn-size diapers I got for him, I modified them to get more use out of them. I sewed them as a liner into a fitted T-shirt diaper.

I could never get the elastic around the edges of my previous diapers to fit particularly close to Will's legs, so they were a little less reliable than the regular prefolds. After giving it some thought, I realized the prefolds were sort of creating their own gussets where they were folded in between the legs. So I figured out how to get the same effect from a fitted diaper.

Now this new yellow batch of diapers (I finished two, a third is cut, waiting to be finished) not only has gussets, but I managed to get them without using elastic and they fit very well. I'm still working out exactly how to put them together, I'm trying different techniques with each one. I never took any "sewing theory" classes, so I don't know the proper way to construct things. It's a matter of trial and error for me to figure out which seam to sew first, whether to sew right sides together and turn it inside out, or to turn under an edge and top-stitch. Fortunately, a professional finish isn't important, so I feel free to experiment.

The highlights in this photo are blown out, but hopefully you can still see how the too-small diaper was transformed into a liner with gussets. These things are pretty heavy-duty, so they'll probably be among the first we use when we stop using the diaper covers. William is getting better about fussing BEFORE he wets his diaper, thus giving Terry and me time to get him to his pot. It's SO much easier to just dump his little pot contents into the larger pot and give it a quick rinse than to go through the effort of washing diapers. I'm hopeful W will be pretty much done with diapers before he outgrows the small size diapers we have for him (if not, I'll convert them the same way I converted the newborn-size).