Jesus Loves Me Onesie

I am grateful to the hipsters for popularizing an extremely homespun aesthetic. It it MUCH easier to customize garments when they are supposed to look somewhat deconstructed rather than finely tailored.

I wanted to have a casual white outfit for William to wear for his reception after his baptism on Sunday, but I wanted it to be more interesting than just plain white. I thought a onesie with a "Jesus Loves Me" message on it would be appropriate, so I made it happen.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to find some white onesies in the correct size when I was at Marshalls, and today I cut out the heart and the letters. I used the "free stitch" function on my sewing machine again to attach the letters. They would have looked more smoothly applied if I had figured out some way to adhere them to the outfit before I started sewing and used interfacing, but here's where the hipsters come in.

I think true hipsters would stitch the letters on exactly as I did (well, not exactly, they would have stitched by hand because they either could not afford a fancy sewing machine or they would eschew its use on principle). Corporate posers trying to mass-market hipster-style garments would use the interfacing and adhere the letters first.

It's a great style for me to make, since I can whip out the outfits without being all perfectionistic about it. Thus I can finish something in one sitting, which is of paramount importance for a person afflicted with ADD. You notice you haven't heard any more about me knitting socks lately-- it's not because I have a pair for W to wear on Sunday. He's still got only one, but I got sidetracked spending time making curtains for the porch. You see how that goes. But if we don't go out tonight (chances of staying in around 95%. . .) I maybe could knit his other sock tonight. If I felt like it. I might have him baptized in his bare feet-- I looked yesterday for little satin baby shoes for him to wear but didn't find any so I have no other backup plan. But I'm comfortable with the barefoot option. It will be very warm that day, and he wouldn't be wearing shoes anyway if my parish did full immersion baptisms (I don't think they do, but since most ceremonies are private I'm not sure what the current priests prefer).