Morning Coyote

I got a good look at our local coyote this morning. I was sitting in bed when through one of the windows I glimpsed an animal running across the field. I thought it was a fox, and ran to the window to get a better look. It was running through the side field, and upon closer inspection I saw that it was NOT a fox. It was slightly larger than a fox, with a ratty tail instead of a fluffy tail, and smaller than a dog. But it was loping along and appeared to be good-natured. More dog-like than fox-like. I realized it must be one of the coyotes we hear some nights.

Our neighbor Jim hayed the fields this week so the grass is short-- otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see the coyote. I'm actually reassured now that I've seen it. It wasn't creeping around all desperate-looking, it appeared to be well-fed and happy. All indications to me that it should have no interest in coming near the house. And it's not that big.

When I told Terry I saw the coyote, he was a little freaked out and worried it would get into the compost and we'd have to shoot it. But I argued in favor of the coyote, that it probably wouldn't bother us and we should leave it be. About 30 minutes later, Terry came back and said he realized that the neighborhood dogs were probably more of a threat to the cats than the coyote, so perhaps we could just leave it be. As long as it doesn't breed. I agree with that-- I don't think we've got enough room for a whole PACK of coyotes here on the farm, but one passing through from time-to-time is fine. Like the fox. I don't think the fox lives here, but he does pass through uneventfully.

Later this morning, we saw a foal leaping all over the field, it seemed to be looking for its mother. Terry speculated that maybe the coyote killed its mother, but I doubted it. The coyote didn't look big enough to bring down a doe by itself, it would be far more likely to nab a little fawn if it wanted venison. The dogs around here can take down grown deer-- our next-door neighbor's dog is particularly bad about that, they've gotten calls to come clean up the carcasses that the dog has left in other people's yards. More proof that the local dogs are more of a threat to our cats than the coyote. But we keep our cats indoors now so whatever animal is around would have to bust through the screens on the porch to get them, and that's more risk than most animals want to take.