Wow, I anticipated having a good weekend, but the reality exceeded my expectations! I knew Nora and Trey were coming down Saturday night, but I expected they would leave Sunday afternoon. And my friend Cate didn't think she'd be able to come down at all.

But on Friday I got the first bit of good news, that Cate WOULD be able to join us, and on Saturday I was delighted that Trey & Nora also wanted to stay until Monday! Cate wound up arriving just a few hours before Nora & Trey with their two kids. We all stayed up drinking and relaxing and carrying on out on the back porch until quite late (thank goodness we didn't have to make it into town for the 9:00am Mass. . .). I don't remember the specifics of what we were talking about, but I do remember laughing so hard I nearly fell off the sofa several times. We were having so much fun! And Nora has a daughter just two months older than William, so we both had to pick up the babies to breastfeed them during the evening, it was nice to relax around someone who was in the same boat, so I wasn't the only one in the room with a baby attached to my boob.

The baptism went well, William was very good the whole time we were at the church, from the Mass through his baptism service and for photos afterwards. And he did look adorable in his gown and bonnet. The picture of newborn innocence.

We had a full house for the party afterwards-- including Terry & me there were eleven adults and six kids. Enough to be lively, but not so much that I couldn't relax and have a good time along with my guests. My days of preparation paid off, since I really didn't have to work too hard once people arrived. I gave a few minutes of attention to the food & beverages here and there, and everyone was able to enjoy themselves. I felt a little bad that Cindy's babies couldn't eat more things, I thought I provided kid-friendly selections, but it turns out that I don't have any idea what is safe for 13-month old babies to eat. Some things were too hard (crunchy or crisp), some things were too small (I was informed that raisins are a choking risk, even when baked into muffins-- that hadn't occurred to me since the muffins were big and soft), some things just weren't what kids would eat. . . Luckily, my sister was prepared with some food she brought herself so the little girls didn't starve.

Nora & Trey picked up some stickers and clay and other stuff on the way home from church, and Nora looked like she was running a daycare with Anika & Mackenzie in their stroller on one side of the table examining the stickers she handed them, Addison on the opposite side coloring her arm red with a washable marker, and Nellie next to her decorating pages with everyone's name using alphabet stickers. My parents both entertained William all afternoon and into the evening, I didn't have to worry about him at all except to feed him every few hours. Nora's little daughter Gigi is so laid-back she seemed to take care of herself (except for the feeding, which Nora handled expertly sometimes I didn't even notice when she was feeding her. . .). My brother came in from Texas, and played piano from time-to-time which was nice since I never got around to pulling CDs to play in the background. And even though there is something wrong with my youngest sister's car, she managed to make it to town by taking the train to Richmond and catching a ride with the rest of my family. Everyone seemed to be reasonably relaxed and having a good time (although Cindy can only get so relaxed being responsible for three youngsters all on her own, she handles it amazingly well).

After my family left in the early evening (in order to get back to Richmond in daylight), Terry's and my friends continued to hang out until late in the evening (although not quite as late as the previous night, we're not as young and resilient as we used to be), having a great time, enjoying the beautiful weather out under the stars.

Terry and I had to leave at 8am this morning in order to take William to the opthamologist. His primary care doctor didn't like the "red reflex" or lack thereof during his last regular wellness visit so she made us the appointment with the eye doctor. Who this morning didn't see the same problem she did, or any other problem with his eyes, he can see exactly as well as he should for his age. We're going to find a new regular doctor for William, we don't have any confidence that this one knows what she's doing (we're mostly bothered by something else that happened at our last visit, but this useless referral to the eye doctor is just another example of her lack of knowledge and/or experience with infants).

After the doctor appointment, William finally got his first play date in a park! We met a friend & her 13-month-old son at Belmont Park and had a nice visit. I can't believe how nice the weather was-- it was not hot at all in the shade, but was very pleasant. We left about 10:45am so we could swing by the vet on the way home (to get special food for Fenway) and still be back by 11:30am. To our relief (although not surprise), our guests had not been awake particularly long at that point, and had served themselves coffee and breakfast. We all hung out on the back porch, fended for ourselves for lunch, each fixing a plate of whichever leftovers we liked best, and everyone hit the road around 1pm in order to get through DC before rush-hour.

We are lucky that our friends are such good guests-- they helped clean up so the house is decent and Terry and I spent the rest of the afternoon just chillin' on the porch, enjoying the weather. I know I napped for a few hours, I think Terry slept for a little while but I wasn't paying attention. He gets very sad when people leave, and while I think it would have been fun if everyone could have stayed a few more days, I don't get upset when it's time to go. Being around people tires me out more than it does Terry-- especially off my ADD meds it is an effort for me to follow a conversation when there are several going on simultaneously in the same room. And I had more drinks this weekend than I've had since last August before I knew I was pregnant. It was fun to cut loose a bit, and now that that is out of my system, I don't feel quite as chained down by the breastfeeding. Yes, I probably sacrificed some of William's brain cells by having more than one beverage per four hours, but hey, it's just one weekend. And although I had SO MUCH FUN, it does remind me that I'm getting old.

We didn't stay up past 2am any night, yet I am t-i-r-e-d now. I think that saying about how "kids keep you young" might be true if you have them when you ARE young, but baby William hasn't turned back my clock by one minute. And the physical demands he places on Terry and me if anything heighten our awareness of the aches and pains that come along with our age. But it's nice to hang out with friends who knew us way back when, and although everything in ALL our lives is so different than it used to be, it's still nice to step away from it all now and again and it feels like old times, if only for a night or two.