New Focus

Now that I've had several days of vacation, I am looking for new tasks to accomplish. Back to work!

The only outside obligations are to bring a dish to a potluck dinner on Saturday night, but I'll bring my bean salad so that will take all of 15 minutes. I do host Bunko on the 13th, which makes me responsible for cooking dinner for twelve (well, thirteen including Terry, I wouldn't leave him out even though he's got to eat upstairs away from the group). That will be more of a big deal, but it's "in the future". Nothing I need to worry about now.

So what are my personal needs? I want to finish the upstairs lounge-- most importantly, get blackout shades on the windows so we can watch shows that start before 9pm when it's dark outside. I ordered fabric yesterday, and picked up most of the materials for that, so I will hopefully get that task done by the end of next week. I also bought the blackout cloth to use as a projector screen. I'll need to send Terry out with the truck to get the wood to make the frame, since the wood would be too big to fit in the trunk of the Lexus, now that the baby seat is blocking the pass-through area we used to use when we bought wood.

I also need to continue converting the too-small newborn diapers into liners for larger fitted diapers. We are getting more of Will's movements into his pot instead of his diaper, but we're still going through a lot of diapers. They often just have a little dirty or wet spot on them we take them off rather than being full, but we still aren't going to put a dirty diaper back on the baby, even if it's just a spot (unless it's small enough to be blotted with a piece of toilet paper, but that's rare). So we do need about the same number of diapers we used when he was newborn, so I must convert all the too-small ones.

I am also going to make a diaper bag with separate compartments for everything we need. Right now, we're just using a tote bag and have to dig through it to find what we need, which is inconvenient when you're trying to grab a burpcloth before the baby gets spit all over the leather seats. It's also hard to know if we have everything we need in there. With compartments, we'll know at a glance before we leave the house if we've got everything-- if any compartments are empty, we'll know we have to restock. I got some fabric and lining yesterday, so I'm ready to go with that any time. I drew up a plan last night. I'll work from the inside out-- constructing the partitioned liner first, then building the bag to go around it all.

And, as always, I've got to monitor my charts. It's probably getting close to time to buy more of my anti-DOW ETF (DOG).