Diaper Bag Lining Done

This morning I made three new diapers-- a white one with red edging, a white one monogrammed with a "W" on the front, and a blue one with black cats printed on it. I was putting them on the boy pretty much as fast as I was making them, so I didn't get any photos.

After lunch, I was tired of making diapers, so I figured I'd start on the diaper bag. I considered making a little red, white, and blue outfit for William, but decided I would rather have a good diaper bag to take to the party tomorrow instead of a cute baby outfit.

I had one false start with the bag-- I originally thought I'd like to roll the diapers and put them in the bag upright to give the bag a smaller footprint. The size of the section I made for this was 6" x 9" x 14". But once I made it and put the diapers in, I realized that the sections would be too deep to find things easily. That is the problem with the current bag, so I made the decision to give up a small footprint in exchange for a low profile. I will make another single-section bag to use the lining I made.

Once I decided a 9" height would be better than the 14", I didn't have too many problems making the other sections. Since I'm just using chintz cloth for the lining, I made each section separately then stitched them together. This served the dual purpose of giving the dividers more body and concealing all the cut edges of the seams. It wasn't particularly difficult for me, but it did take over three hours. I wouldn't recommend the project to a beginner. And in retrospect, there were a few seams I could've sewn more concisely, but the visible effect is the same either way, I just did a little extra work which would have been unnecessary if I was a better sewer.

The footprint of this bag is 21" long by 9" wide by 9" high. The finished bag will be a little on the big side, but it will be able to hold all the diapering supplies we'd need for an overnight trip, if not an entire weekend. It will still fit in the back seat of the car, which is where we usually keep it. If I've got enough fabric, I might make a smaller bag to hold just the stuff we'd need to bring with us on an outing (clean diaper, section for dirty diaper, pacifier, burp cloth). The rest of the stuff is either contingency (change of baby clothes, disposable diapers, extra diaper cover) or for multiple diaper changes (more diapers), so it can usually stay in the car.

I'm a little tired of this project now, so I'll work on the outside of the bag tomorrow. But now I'm thinking I want some welting on the edges of the bag, but I don't think I have any cord. Or contrasting fabric. I actually might be able to find some contrasting fabric to match in my stash, but it still doesn't solve the problem of no cord. I used to have a whole spool that I got at auction, but I think it got so old it dry-rotted and I tossed it. I'll check on the internet, see if any do-it-yourself-ers have any tips on alternatives to welting.

If I can't come up with a solution for the edges (and at this point, just leaving them plain is not an option, I think it will be too dull) then I probably won't have EITHER a good diaper bag OR a cute baby outfit for the party tomorrow. Or maybe I'll still be able to come up with something for the baby tomorrow if I postpone further work on the bag.