Terry's New Coveralls

Terry finally got a reason to put on his new coveralls-- the weather was nice today, so he went out to maintain his blackberry patch. He got these coveralls in anticipation of the chore, hopefully they will be heavy enough that he won't get scratches from the thorns.

Unfortunately, Terry discovered that he'd let this year's growth grow too much, and it was blocking the fruiting branches from the sun (blackberries fruit on the previous year's growth). He trimmed the new branches back, and while he's unsure if it is in time to help the crop on the hill below the driveway, the berries aren't as mature on the hill above the driveway so there might still be time to benefit from more sunlight.

He's got a pie in the oven now, I can't wait until it's done! We're still using up berries from last year's harvest. We'll have to eat more this year while they're in season (although I do have the big freezer now). Maybe I'll make some blackberry jam-- yum!